How do I empty a Vacmop?

On weekdays, the most troublesome thing in cleaning at home is mopping the floor. Every time you use a mop, you must first wet the mop before you can mop the floor and tap water at room temperature. First, there is no way to clean some stubborn stains. No bactericidal effect. Therefore, the steam mop with cleaning, decontamination and high-temperature sterilization came into being.

The steam mop uses a high-temperature environment to clean the ground, which can remove stubborn stains and has the effect of efficient sterilization. Especially for those who have children and pets at home are must-have artefacts. The high-temperature steam can “steam” away the mites and bacteria, and it does not conflict with the use of sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners.

Some time ago, a new electric steam mop. Compared with the previous steam mop products, this electric steam mop has added a self-cleaning and traction self-drive system, which is free of hand washing and wringing and is easy and labour-saving at the same time.

Use experience

The wireless remote control handle is more convenient to open and close. You don’t have to bend down to find the switch on the mop host. At the same time, the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold your hands. The two buttons correspond to the power and function buttons, and the operation is straightforward.

Of course, some friends will ask why it can’t be designed to be wireless, mainly because the generation of hot steam requires very high power, which cannot be satisfied by using lithium batteries, so a wired connection is required.

Most steam mops people usually use cover the steam holes with a mop, while electric steam mops use the form of an electric roller brush. This design has a better cleaning effect. The ground can also have a temperature of about 80~90°C. This temperature can fully dissolve and peel off the dirt on the ground, and by the way, it can also give the floor a high-temperature “SPA” disinfection and sterilization.

With the steam mop, you no longer have to bend over, hunched over on the floor to wipe the floor and clean up more elegantly.

There are not many steam mops that can be self-driven with electric roller brushes on the market. This electric steam mop has an electric roller brush and 400r/min high-frequency roller brush traction, which can realize walking cleaning. Mopping the floor is as easy as “walking the dog”. Even children at home can use it easily.

The 7cm slim tractor, the drilled welt is a good handle, such as TV cabinets and under the bed; you can lie flat and enter quickly.

Self-cleaning effect

Self-cleaning is divided into three steps. The first step is to pour clean water into the cleaning area of ​​the cleaning seat to the water level line; the second step is to place the product in the cleaning area of ​​the cleaning seat, start the cleaning process, and stop automatically after 25 seconds; The third step is to place the product in the dehydration area of ​​the cleaning seat, start the cleaning program, and automatically stop after 25 seconds.

The cleaning effect is still pronounced. The mop head, which was already black, has a new look after self-cleaning.

Compared with the traditional steam mop, the electric steam mop has an electric roller-type cleaning mode, which makes mopping the floor easier. Combined with high-temperature steam, it can effectively remove common stains in the home; the addition of self-cleaning can liberate and also avoids breeding odour and bacteria. In terms of price, it also has certain advantages compared with competing products of the same type. The cost performance is very high, and it is worth starting!

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