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Advantages of a Hydraulic System Over a Pneumatic System

When choosing between a hydraulic system and a pneumatic system, you need to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each. These two types of systems create force and work in a similar way, but the biggest difference is the size of the hydraulic system. Compared to a pneumatic system, hydraulic systems are much larger and require more room and bulky components. Additionally, a hydraulic system requires more energy to operate.

Another important difference between pneumatics and hydraulics is safety. A pneumatic system uses compressed air that is not flammable and cannot leak, whereas a hydraulic system uses clean compressed air. Because pneumatics use compressed air, they’re also safer for many applications, including pharmaceutical laboratories and clean rooms. Pneumatics can easily leak, and a rupture in the valve can cause the tank to break through the cement wall.

The cost of a hydraulic system is typically much higher than that of a pneumatic one. This is because the parts must be particularly durable, which can translate into high expenses. The use of hydraulic fluid is also more costly, and it’s more susceptible to fire, especially since it involves flammable liquids. However, some models of hydraulic systems operate on fire-resistant fluid. They also tend to be quieter and require less horsepower than pneumatic systems.

Ultimately, deciding between a hydraulic and pneumatic system is an individual decision. Both systems have their benefits and drawbacks. While the hydraulic system uses pressurised air or gasses to transmit force, a pneumatic system relies on compressed air or liquid. Hydraulics has more power and precision, but it’s much bigger and bulkier than its pneumatic counterpart. These differences are not negligible, but they can help you decide which system is best for your application.

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