Glasses are an instrument for refractive error

Glasses are a type of sight instrument which is used by those people who have an refractive error. Some common refractive errors of the eyes are long-distance refractive errors and short-distance refractive errors. There are some other eye refractive errors as well and to solve all these errors we use different kinds of glasses.

Glasses for long and short-distance sightedness

Glasses can be found in a large range of varieties and different types. Glasses can be bought almost everywhere. In the beginning, glasses were only used for long and short-distance errors. As the scientists made development in the field of optics different types of errors came into being.


The most common type of glasses that is used by almost every person is sunglasses. As sunglasses prevent the UV rays of the sun that damage the eyes. As UV rays are very dangerous rays that can cause eye cancer if it reaches the eyes.

Online glasses shop

People use different styles of sunglasses. Nowadays some people use sunglasses to look good. Sunglasses can be found in glasses shops. You can also buy glasses in online shopsThere are many online glasses shop but the one that I recommend you is glassesshop.

Glasses as a trend

There are even different brands of glasses as nowadays a lot of people have vision problems. Glasses are also used by some people who do not have any vision problems. They use glasses for show only. Nowadays there are different features in the glasses. Some of these features are.

Glasses with plastic lens

You could only make the lens of glasses out of glass. But now you can make the lens of the glasses out of plastic. As we know that glass is delicate and can be broken easily. Whereas plastic is strong and can last for a longer time than glass.

UV glasses

Now you can also use glasses for both vision problems and UV rays. With the advancement in technology of optics. You can now make glasses which have a special type of lens. These lens can block both UV rays and also solve your vision problem. You can also buy them in an online glasses shop.

Fog glasses

There are even some glasses which can make the fog on your glasses disappear. In the winter season when you breathe the air fog gets on your glasses. To prevent this from happening a formula that can make the fog on the Glasses disappear. You can also buy them in an online glasses shop.

Contact lens

Nowadays a new type of thing has been invented which can be used instead of glasses. They are known as a contact lenses. Nowadays contact lenses are used by almost every person in the world to solve their vision problem. You can also buy these contact lenses at glassesshop.

A spare glasses

Many people who use a contact lens keep a set of spare glasses. As contact lenses are very delicate and can be broken down very easily. These people keep a set of spare glasses just in case the contact lens gets lost or gets broken down.


The conclusion is that now you can buy glasses in a shop or online shop. And there are diffrent types of glasses which can almost solve any type of eye error.

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