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King Kong Online Slot Game Review

A video slotxo game like King Kong is powerful. You can play it for free or for real money at one of the many casinos powered by CryptoLogic. If you win, you’ll become the next King Kong, destroying skyscrapers and gaining riches. You’ll be glad you did. If you’d like to try this video slot game for real, here are the details you need to know.

Variations of online king kong slot

A high return to player (RTP) does not mean you’re guaranteed a huge jackpot. Instead, it means you’re less likely to have huge wins, but you’re more likely to get smaller but more frequent ones. The rtp of a slot joker123 machine is also determined by its volatility, which refers to how much it can swing. High-variance slot machines payout more money to fewer players, while low-variance slots pay out smaller amounts more frequently.

The RTP of online King Kong pgslot machines varies, but many offer a 97% RTP. This is considered to be a good RTP. It indicates how much a slot machine pays out on average over hundreds of thousands of rotations. Ideally, the RTP of an online slot game should be 97% or more, as this is a good average. If an online casino has a lower RTP, be wary.

Return to player percentage

The legendary figure of King Kong has been featured in action films for decades, and his latest release is an innovative online slot game from NextGen Gaming. With 50 paylines, players can win great prizes, including the top prize of 250 times the stake. This game is a medium volatility game, so players should expect a consistent return on investment. It also has a generous bonus feature, so players can double or triple their money if they win big.

When playing amb slot, the Return to Player percentage (RTP) is important. This figure helps determine how likely a player is to win. As a result, players should focus on games with the highest RTPs, because a high RTP will make up for any losses. Taking into account the variance of the game and determining the Return to Player percentage will give players the edge and increase their winnings.


There are several factors to consider when assessing the Return To Player (RTP) of an online slot game. RTP is a measure of the game’s expected payout percentage. The higher the RTP, the more likely the game is to pay out. In the King Kong slot, the RTP is 95.5%. The game has five reels and twenty paylines, a jackpot of 60,000x your stake, and three bonus round types. Besides, there are several features to consider while choosing a game, including its coin size, turbo mode, and autoplay.

The game has two modes, Jungle Mode and Big City Mode. The Jungle Mode begins when three wild symbols are triggered, while three scatter symbols trigger the Skull Island bonus. After the Skull Island bonus, the game transitions into Big City mode. The Big City Mode only has the City Tower Bonus and Wild Kong Respins. As for the RTP, the game is 95.5%, which makes it a top choice for many online gamblers.


The King Kong slot is characterized by its theme, including the skyline and big flashing lights. Its high payouts are made possible by the King Kong wild symbol, which can substitute for all other standard symbols except the scatter. The King Kong slot is a high variance game with huge payouts. There are several ways to determine the RTP, including looking at the game’s variance and hit frequency.

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