Physiotherapy for Back Pain in Camberwell

It is projected that nearly 40% of adults within Australia experience back pains every year. If you are among this static, then you definitely know that back pain can frustrating and debilitating.

Australia is not alone in its issue with back pain. It’s estimated that over 40% of adults experience some form or another, making this a serious problem for many people across the country!

Anecdotal evidence suggests there may be an association between work lifestyles and lower instances of these types of heartburn-like symptoms – which can lead to more significant health problems if left untreated ̶ such as irritated stomachs caused by poor diet choices coupled with seating yourselves desks all day at desk jobs without standing up every few minutes.

If you are suffering from back pain, it is important to see a physiotherapist. However, our team of experts will also be able to help with many other injuries and conditions that affect the body’s ability to perform tasks at an optimal level including post-surgery rehabilitation or sports-related concerns such as turf toe treatment. Bones heal; muscles grow stronger throughout your healing process – don’t let this be another obstacle to what should have been one of THE happiest moments in life!

We all want to be healthier, but some of the first steps can seem daunting. When you come in for your appointment with us it’s important that we have enough information about what makes up a healthy lifestyle and how best to help get there. This includes everything from diet preferences or medical history as well as the level of physical activity habits etcetera.

What are the symptoms? 

What do they mean, and how can I know if my pain is normal or something more serious like an injury!? This question always comes up when people hear about physiotherapists. Yours will be assessed by an expert who understands all aspects of human health.

The techniques used in physiotherapy are many and diverse. Our therapists will use manipulation to enhance spinal mobility, stretching and massage for elasticity as well as a range of movements across joints with mobilization increasing flexibility.

One way that we help our patients recover from an injury or illness is by using different kinds of exercise routines; these can include specific exercises tailored towards their needs (such as aquatic therapy) -or even just general ones like treadmill walks! We also utilize heat packs during certain sessions if it’s been a while since they’ve had any physical activity at all because this helps them get back into shape faster than ever thought possible.

Good posture not only relieves pain in your back but can help prevent future discomfort and even chronic illness. When you have a good balance there is less risk for things like neck or shoulder aches from occurring because it allows muscles to stay relaxed while supporting weight evenly on all four corners of each foot via leverage points with no pressure being put onto any one area too much so they don’t get oversensitive due their lack-of use throughout the day. 

The goal of physiotherapy is not only to relieve your pain but also to address its root cause so it doesn’t come back. It can take several sessions with a therapist before you feel improvement and even then there are exercises that need doing at home too!

Our team is made up of well-experienced physiotherapists who will help you live without pain. We take into consideration all body systems to ensure that our treatment plan works for your needs, not just one specific area as many other treatments do!

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